Started My New Job Last Week

I just got started with my new job last week. I am starting out in a machine shop operation and for now they are really just teaching me the basics of how it all works. Of course I took some courses at the local community college and I know how to operate the machines in theory, but they do not just trust that you can do something correctly. You have to be really careful with that mag drill and put all of the holes precisely where they are supposed to be. Nothing can be off by even a tiny bit. It is not like every inch counts, every one thousandths of an inch is important when you are dealing with these sorts of things. Of course the material you are using is expensive too, so if you make mistakes they are really going to cost the guy who is paying for the steel.

Mostly what we do is make stuff out of stainless steel. It might be something simple, like using a brake press to form sheets of stainless steel into parts for a sink or something. That is a really loud job by the way. If you get near the press you can feel the concrete floor shaking beneath your feet.The pay is not as great as I would like it to be right now, but obviously I am still wet behind the ears and to make the money that I want, first I need to prove that I can be good at the really tough parts of this job. What I am doing now is just more or Less a rite of passage. They give me the simple stuff and see if I can manage that. Obviously if I do well then they will let me work on something harder.


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