The Impressive State of Trimming Advancements

In the middle of a session of trimming some buds, my trimming machine stopped working, leaving me with a lot of buds to trim. I’ve owned that machine for many years and didn’t consider that it would break one day. Granted, nothing last forever, especially machines with moving parts, but still, it was a shock to me. I had no idea how to repair it, and there was no one else that I could send it to for repairs, so I just had to find a new one to replace the old machine.

Since it had been a while since I’ve done shopping for machines, I thought about what more modern machines could do. I wasn’t expecting anything crazy like laser technology or robotic arms, but I figured the machines of today would have some more sophisticated technique for trimming buds than the ones that were out around the time when I bought the old machine. At the very least, I hoped they would be able to do the job faster than before or create less of a mess while doing it. I’ve created makeshift solutions for dealing with trimming mess, but it would be better to have something official.

The hunt for a new machine lead me to a particular one with a futuristic flair. It looked like something right out of an era with flying cars. The creators of the machine boasted a different method for trimming the buds that would make less mess while getting the most buds for actual use. That kind of efficiency was exactly what I wanted from something that came out after an item from the past. Using the machine turned a task that used to be a tedious chore into one that would be finished in a much shorter time with neater results.


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