The Tree Company That is Taking over the Care of My Trees

For years I have been taking care of the trees in my yard myself and pride myself on their grand appearance. I think these trees have become too big for me take care of them anymore. I’m a little bit afraid of heights and do not have the nerve to climb up a ladder or the tree itself to trim and prune. I need to find a company that does tree pruning in Long Island to take over these tasks for me. I want to find the most professional and reliable company in my area to perform annual maintenance on my trees.

My next door neighbor suggested one such company that he has been using for the past three years. I’m going to give them a call because my neighbor’s trees are in immaculate condition. I called the number given to me and was pleased with the level of professionalism and efficiency I received on the phone. They explained to me that a certified arborist would come to evaluate what needed to be done and would proved a free estimate. We went ahead and scheduled the appointment for this coming Friday afternoon. I’m certainly excited and looking forward to this meeting and look forward to getting a professional opinion on how my trees have been taken care of thus far and what further pruning needs to be done.

Regardless of what needs to be done to the trees, I know my wife is going to be happy that I will not be climbing a ladder or a tree. She is so afraid that I’m going to fall and get hurt and I don’t blame her for worrying about me since I fell off a ladder trying to clean the leaves out of the gutters. From that day forward I vowed not to climb any more ladders.


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